Engineers in Training

The purpose and intent of the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and Landscape Architect-in-Training (LAIT) programs is to invest in the development of future leaders for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The two-year program offers an opportunity for degreed engineers and landscape architects to be challenged with practical opportunities, given insight and offered training while gaining experience working under registered professionals and paraprofessional staff.

EITs are hired as transportation engineer associates for 18 months and are promoted into a transportation engineering specialist position after the 18th month, provided they pass the Fundamentals of Engineering portion of the Professional Engineer exam.

Prior to the end of the 18 months, EITs will select or will be designated a location to spend their last six months in the program, this is their specialized area and the desired final placement. The overall time is divided into training blocks that are two to four months in duration. Each EIT receives his or her own training program to ensure a broad range of exposure to the many areas within the agency as an entry-level engineer.

LAITs are hired as transportation engineering associates and are promoted into a transportation engineering specialist position after 18 months. The Landscape Architect-in-Training (LAIT) program consists of assignments throughout ADOT, primarily in the Intermodal Transportation Division (ITD). The program is designed to allow each LAIT to develop a rotational program, in consultation with the program coordinator, that will meet the LAIT's specific interests and at the same time allow the LAIT the opportunity to become a productive member of the ADOT team.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants who have earned a bachelor's degree or higher in civil engineering, geological engineering, civil engineering technology, construction management or a closely related field are eligible to apply.

What Can You Expect?

If you are selected as a candidate in the Program, you will receive

  • a competitive salary.
  • a permanent position within ADOT.
  • challenging work assignments.
  • training opportunities.
  • hands-on experience.