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Frequently Asked Questions

The following section addresses frequently asked questions as they pertain to the public auction.

How does ADOT dispose of its surplus vehicles and equipment?

Disposal of surplus vehicles and equipment within ADOT is a two-part process.

Surplus items are first offered for sale to other state agencies, local government agencies, school districts and other eligible nonprofit institutions. These agencies are referred to as "donees." Items are direct transferred to donees at an ADOT established fair market value, and that value is not negotiable.

Items that are not sold to donees are then rolled over to a general public auction.

How often do you hold public auctions?

Depends upon the amount of new equipment we can purchase within a given period, and the amount of old equipment that is turned in within a given period. We'll generally conduct a spring and fall sale.

What kind of equipment do you sell at public auction?

Everything we sell at public auction is surplus property of the Arizona Department of Transportation, including light cars and trucks, heavy trucks, construction equipment and specialized equipment such as arrow boards, message boards, air compressors, water tanks, etc. Items do not include repossessed or seized vehicles or equipment. A complete list of items available for sale will be published prior to each public auction.

How can I be notified of upcoming public auctions?

The best way to stay informed is to return to this site at least once per month. You can also complete and submit the form accessed through Mailing List on the index page.

When can items be previewed?

Our auctions will always be held on a Saturday morning. Items can be previewed between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the auction.

Where are you located?

We are physically located at 2350 S. 22nd Ave. in Phoenix, between Buckeye and Lower Buckeye roads.

Where can I park?

Public parking is available in the ADOT yard at the southeast corner of 22nd and Hilton avenues.

Is there a charge or entry fee to participate in the public auction?

No. Simply come in to register and receive a bidder number. As the auction progresses, flash your bidder number at the auctioneer to indicate your bid on a particular item.

Do auction items have minimum bids or reserve prices?

Normally, no. An exception would be for items purchased on a "Life Cycle Cost" solicitation. In such instances, ADOT bought equipment from a vendor with the agreement that the vendor would repurchase the equipment from ADOT for a predetermined price when the term of the contract expired. These items are normally heavy construction equipment such as wheeled loaders, motor graders, etc.

How can I pay for an item I purchased?

We will accept payment in the form of cash, money order, certified check or cashier's check. Money orders and checks should be made payable to ADOT. Personal checks and company checks will not be accepted.

I am a bidder from out of state. I don't know ahead of time how much I will have to bid to purchase any given item; therefore, I cannot bring a certified check or cashier's check. How can I pay for the items I purchase?

We will advise you of the total amount of your purchases for the auction in the office afterward. You can then overnight a cashier's check to us for payment through the postal or courier service of your choice. Understand that items purchased will not be released until payment is received.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

A 7.3-percent sales tax will be added to the selling price of each item. Exceptions are allowed only upon presentation of a state privilege (sales) license or state use license. Bidders claiming tax exempt status will need to bring the original tax exemption license with them at time of bidder registration.

Why must I wait one hour after the auction bid item has concluded to pay for the items I purchased?

We have automated our auction procedures. All information from bidder registration through bid tabulation is entered into our database. Beginning at 11 a.m. and one hour after a bid item has concluded, bidders may pay for their item(s) as long as they are done bidding at the auction. Only one payment transaction will be processed for each bidder on auction day. When you come in to make your payment, we will produce a purchase contract/receipt, bill of sale and odometer statement as applicable. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Are the vehicles sold at public auction licensed? If not, how do I get from the auction yard to my residence or place of business?

Vehicles sold at ADOT's public auction are not licensed. One-trip permits can be purchased at a cost of $1 payable only by credit card on the MVD website that is accessible from the auction office. The one-trip permit will allow a person to operate an unregistered vehicle from a specified origin to a specified destination. The one-trip permit will be valid for a period of no greater than three days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Do items sold at ADOT's public auction include any warranty?

No. All items are sold "as is, where is." All items should be inspected by a qualified technician prior to operation. Neither the state of Arizona, any of its departments or institutions, nor the auctioneer make any guarantee or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the condition of the articles offered for sale.