Local Photo Enforcement Permits

Laws 2013, Chapter 75 (HB 2477) requires ADOT to provide specific information on its website regarding local photo enforcement systems that are authorized to operate on state highways. This information will be posted by ADOT as it is provided by local governments. Arizona Revised Statutes 28-1206 also requires ADOT to determine if a locally operated, speed photo enforcement system on a state highway is necessary for public safety.   This law requires ADOT to obtain the following information from the local authority requesting permission to operate a new speed photo enforcement system or renew an existing permit for one of these systems on a state highway: 1) current operational speed studies, including the average number of vehicles operating per day and the percentage of vehicles per day that violate the speed laws, and 2) reports of motor vehicle accidents.   At this time, there is no study information from local authorities regarding their existing speed photo enforcement systems to post on this website.  The following are fixed site, photo enforcement systems on state highways that are operated by local jurisdictions, as of September 13, 2013:

 Local Operating Authority Highway or Route
 Camera Locations
Photo Enforcement Permit
El Mirage
Local Contact: 623.972.8116
ADOT District: Phoenix
US 60 (Grand Avenue/Primrose) 145.02 6/30/15
Show Low
Local Contact: 928.532.4000
ADOT District: Globe
SR 260
SR 260
US 60
US 60
337.50 Eastbound
339.01 Eastbound
340.85 Both Directions
Sierra Vista
Local Contact:502.458.3315
ADOT District: Safford
SR 90
SR 92
321.25 and 321.52
321.21 and 322.71
Star Valley
Local Contact: 928.472.7752
ADOT District: Prescott
SR 260
SR 260
SR 260
SR 260
255.26 Eastbound
255.60 Westbound
255.84 Eastbound
256.16 Westbound
Local Contact: 520.791.4259
ADOT District: Tucson
 SR 77 72.06 3/15/15