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You can reach us by mail:

1739 W. Jackson St.
Suite A, MD100P
Phoenix, AZ 85007

You can also reach us by phone at 602.712.7211

Executive Team

Bertha A. Whitby, CPPO, CPPB
Chief Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.6327

Susan Bayer, CPPO, C.P.M., CPPB
Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4437

Maricela Agredano
Procurement Technician
Phone: 602.712.8504

Commodities Team

Christine Fruitman, CPPB

Phone: 602.712.7205

Gary Henry

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7304

Glass Beads
Sign Sheeting
Signs and Accessories and Sign Posts
Traffic Operation Services/Supplies
Traffic Paint

Linda Delamore-Crum, CASPP

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8407

Fleet Equipment
Heavy Equipment Rental
Specialized MVD Printing

Joseph Graves

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8407

OEM Parts and Labor

Stacy Wiesner

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.6939

Books, Magazines, Printing
General Office Supplies
Industrial and Related Supplies
Janitorial Supplies
Lab Supplies and Equipment
Uniform Rental
Water and Ice
Awards and Promotional Items

Sharon Tohtsoni

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8595

Automotive Parts, Supplies and Service
Guardrail Material
Lawn and Garden Equipment
Safety Clothing

General Services and Construction



Phone: 602.712.7686

Christina Jimenez

Senior Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4458

Bituminous Materials
Building Materials
Environmental Services
Fabrication and Installation of Signs
Facility Maintenance & Repair


Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7686

Deck Park Tunnel
Herbicide / Pesticide
Highway Maintenance Services
Preventative Surface Treatment Services
Tree Services

Bambi Brenden, CPPB, CASPP

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4294

Aggregate Material Services
De-Icing Chemical Services
Fencing (All)
Guard Rail Services
Hydro-Vac Services
Landfill Services Roadway
Lighting Services


Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8514

Airport Pavement Mgmt. Services
Construction and Design Services
Pest Control Services

Jennifer Hefley

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8584

Janitorial Services
Landscape Maintenance Services
Trash Pickup

Professional Services Team
Administrative Services Team

Valarie Erwin, CPPB

Phone: 602.712.8562

ISA and IGA Consulting

Ed Nyberg

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.8519

Business Engagement Consultants & Services
Environmental On-Call Services
Financial/Bond/Auditing Services
Real Estate and Right-of-Way Support Services
Temporary Staffing Services

Amir Sakhi

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4398

Electronic Signage and Control
Information Technology Resources
Specialized IT Hardware & Software

Pamela Veal, C.P.S.M.

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7564

Aeronautic Consultants & Related Services
Architects and Engineering Services
Planning On-Call Consultant Services
Research On-Call Consultant Services

Todd Martin

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.4879

Advertising, Legal, Classified
Association & Membership Renewals
CDL, Physical & Drug Testing
Conference, Lodging & Registration
Meeting Planner Services
Third Party Financing
Training/Workshop Registration & Services

Velma Luegering

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7827

Audio/Visual Equipment & Accessories
Copiers and Multi-Functional Devices
IT Office Equipment
Mail Services/Equipment

Kianie King

Procurement Officer
Phone: 602.712.7816

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
ITS On-Call Consultant Services

Robyn Caillouette, CASPP

Phone: 602.712.7466

Bonnie Hartley

Procurement Associate
General Services and Construction
Phone: 602.712.8520

Gloria Alday

Procurement Associate
Professional Services
Phone: 602.712.7213

Jacque Shivers

Procurement Associate
Phone: 602.712.8518

Lily Gutierrez

Management Analyst II, Reports and Databases
Phone: 602.712.8531


Part-Time, Special Projects
Phone: 602.712.8516