Business Engagement and Compliance

The Business Engagement and Compliance Office (BECO) is responsible for ensuring that ADOT, its subrecipients, contractors and consultants achieve full compliance with all applicable federal regulations related to disadvantaged and small business inclusion, equal and fair employment opportunity in contracting and on-the-job training for women and minorities in the construction trades by facilitating these efforts:

  • ADOT's good faith efforts to meet overall DBE participation goals
  • Compliance with all applicable federal requirements
  • Equal Employment Opportunity contractor compliance and On-the-Job Training contractor compliance to provide training and employment opportunities for women, minorities and economically disadvantaged individuals in the construction industry

Announcements and Updates

Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway Project Teams
Five Teams submitted Statement of Qualifications for the Public Private Partnership (P3) Design-Build-Maintain contract; 202 MA 054 H882701C, the proposed Loop 202 South Mountain Project. 
ADOT Submits Preliminary Overall DBE Goal for 2015-2017

On Sept. 30, 2014, ADOT submitted a Preliminary Overall DBE goal of 9.38 percent to FHWA. The preliminary goal goes into effect once the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has approved it.

The preliminary goal was based on the results of an Availability Study conducted by Keen Independent Research. The Availability Study is part of ADOT's Disparity Study, which is expected to be complete in summer 2015. At this time, ADOT will hold public hearings, and after reviewing the public's comments, ADOT will submit a final overall annual goal for FHWA, and possibly goals for FAA and FTA. The goal(s) will become official once reviewed by FHWA.

DBE Annual Updates

DBE certifications do not expire. However, DBE-certified firms are required to submit an Annual Update. DBE firms with names beginning in A through J, must submit an Annual Update by April 1 of each calendar year, and DBE firms with names beginning in K through Z must submit an Annual Update by Oct. 1, 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ADOT has a Unified Certification Program (UCP), which means ADOT, the city of Tucson and the city of Phoenix, all review and approve certifications for firms in Arizona. Certification by one entity is honored by all members of the UCP.

Certifications are now being processed based on the primary location of the firm. Firms located in Pima County should submit their Annual Updates to the city of Tucson. Firms located in Maricopa County should submit their Annual Updates to the city of Phoenix. If your firm's location is in Maricopa County, but your firm has previously submitted to ADOT, contact the city of Phoenix at 602.262.6790 before attempting to submit your renewal in the DBE system so that your records can be seamlessly transferred from ADOT to city of Phoenix. If your firm's location is in Pima County, contact the city of Tucson at 520.837.4009.

Please note that all updates must be completed online, except for forms submitted to the city of Tucson.


The 2014 DBE and Small Business Transportation Expo was a huge SUCCESS! Thanks to our many sponsors and all who participated!

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