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The Materials Group is responsible for providing materials engineering and analyses, materials geotechnical and pavement designs, a quality-assurance program and a statewide pavement management program to support the state's transportation planning, construction and maintenance programs.

Section Contact Phone
Administrative Jacqueline Hostetler 602.712.7231
Geotechnical J. J. Liu, Manager 602.712.7231
Pavement Management Yongqi Li, Manager 602.712.8087
Pavement Materials Testing Paul Burch, Manager 602.712.7231
Bituminous Engineer Dharminder (Paul) Pal 602.712.8041
Quality Assurance Engineer Rehnuma Rahman 602.712.7382
Concrete Engineer Jesus Sandoval-Gil 602.712.8108
Regional Labs
Regional Material Engineer Contact Phone
Flagstaff Nye McCarty 928.779.7522
Phoenix  Murari Pradhan 602.712.6574
Prescott Jessica Banner 928.777.5899
Tucson Sardar Chalabe 520.388.4276
Additional Contacts


Name Title Phone (Office/Cell)
J.J. Liu State Geotechnical Engineer 602.712.8209
Design Team 1:
Brent Conner Geotechnical Planning Engineer 602.712.8206
Vacant Geotechnical Engineer
 Vacant Transportation Engineering Specialist
Design Team 2:
Norm Wetz Senior Geotechnical Engineer 602.712.8093
Patrice Brun Geotechnical Engineer 602.712.8099
Guled Ahmed Geotechnical Engineer 602.712.7257
Tad Niemyjski Geotechnical Engineer 602.712.4041
Field Operations:
Steven Haire Manager 602.712.7250
Lori Allison Transporation Engineering Specialist 602.712.7195
Kim Baxter Transporation Engineering Technician 602.712.7726
Field Crew 1:
Fred (Chris) Struckmeyer Crew Chief, Field Geologist 602.228.4292
Tim Matthews Crew 602.316.5651
Field Crew 2:
Victor Arnold Crew Chief 602.228.4120
Dana Ketterling Crew 602.350.1647
Pit Operations:
David Allocco Geotechnical Material Source Engineer 602.712.6872
Dale Choyeski Geotechnical Support 602.712.8558
Vacant CADD and Pit Support

Quality Assurance

Name Title or Department/Program Phone
Rehnuma Rahman Quality Assurance Engineer 602.712.7382
Jay Paulson Laboratory Inspection Program 602.712.7354
Rudy Pongos Sample Check List 602.712.7763
Gregg Inman Test Methods 602.712.8203
Librado Ramirez (Lalo)
Annex 602.712.7741
Craig Wilson Department Radiation Safety Officer/Annex 602.712.7974

Structural Materials Testing

Name Title Phone
Jesus Sandoval-Gil
Concrete Engineer 602.712.8108
Tony Ventittelli Structural Lab Supervisor 602.712.7418