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The ADOT Construction Group monitors and implements statewide construction policies and procedures that continually improve project cost effectiveness and quality. The Construction Group includes the following departments:

Construction Group Administration

Person Position Phone
Julie Kliewer, Ph.D., P.E. Assistant State Engineer 602.712.7323
Connie Rivas Administrative Service Officer 602.712.7324
Jacqueline Hostetler Administrative Assistant II 602.712.7323 
Angie Andreason Consultant Contract Administrator 602.712.7254
Sara Howard Alternative Delivery Specialist 602.712.7323

Value and Quality Assurance

Person Position Phone
Vacant Manager 602.712.8544
Dagmar Keller Construction Program Specialist 602.712.6618
Jorge Vasquez, P.E. Construction Development Manager 602.712.6616
Teresa Kabana Construction Training Officer 602.712.8825
Robert Wade, P.E. Construction Operations Manager 602.712.4875
Shawn Farahzadi, P.E. Sr. Structural Independent Reviewer 602.361.1767
Guy Skirpan Independent Reviewer 602.206.0447
Paul Duran Independent Reviewer 602.316.2207
Don Taylor Independent Reviewer 602.768.4411
Qui Nguyen Independent Reviewer 602.448.4184
Ryan J. Moyers Independent Reviewer 602.768.0649
Ted Littlefield, RLA Statewide Landscape Manager 602.712.6596
David Casselbury, RLA Landscape Architect 602.602.1802
Gregory Chimel Landscape Architect (LAIT) 602.568.5326
Robert Pankonin, RLA Landscape Architect (Consultant) 602.648.2338
Virgil Artuz Landscape Intern 602.712.6173

Field Reports

Person Position Phone
Lenyne Hickson, CPM Field Reports Manager 602.712.7321
Yvonne Navarro Assistant Manager - Budget Increases, Monthly State Engineer's Board Report 602.712.6849
John Ponce Front Desk 602.712.7301
Bev Swartz Subcontracts 602.712.7346
Irene Montez Finals Specialist Supervisor 602.712.7299
Danni Molsbee Finals Specialist 602.712.6241
Ladd Bouts Finals Specialist 602.712.7298
Mark Holt Finals Specialist 602.712.8330
Estella Robinson Labor Compliance Supervisor 602.712.8916
Sherry Briggs-Jenson Labor Compliance, Conformance Requests, Apprentice Approvals 602.712.7145
Debra Bowie Labor Compliance 602.712.7297
Laura Busse Labor Compliance 602.712.6223
Vacant Labor Compliance 602.712.7066

For all Construction Project inquiries, please call 602.712.7856.