Engineering Consultants

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Engineering Consultants Section
205 S. 17th Ave.
Mail Drop 616E
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.7525
Fax: 602.712.7424

Position Person Phone
Manager Mike Denbleyker 602.712.7808
Assistant Manager Sanja Katic-Jauhar 602.712.7720
Management Analyst Barb Domke 602.712.6468

Contract Support

Position Person Phone
Assistant Director Sanja Katic-Jauhar 602.712.7720
Contract Technician Sandra Pillar 602.712.6379

Administrative Branch

Position Person Phone
Administrative Services Officer Vacant 602.712.7554
Administrative Assistant III Liliana Rubinstein 602.712.4698
Consultant Contract Assistant Bianca Ersery 602.712.7526

Contract Branch A

Position Person Phone
Contract Manager Eric Boyles 602.712.8617
Contract Specialist Edina Omeragic 602.712.8653
Contract Specialist Randal Copic 602.712.4121
Contract Specialist Trista Ellis 602.712.7668
Consultant Contract Specialist Maria Nolan 602.712.4451
Contract Specialist Vacant 602.712.7558

Contract Branch B

Position Person Phone
Contract Manager Greg Wristen 602.712.4474
Contract Specialist Brenda Tipton 602.712.4465
Contract Specialist Margie Cerda 602.712.8369
Contract Specialist Jessica Canevari 602.712.4462

Contract Branch C

Position Person Phone
Contract Manager Julia Voight 602.712.7628
Contract Specialist Gina Rasta 602.712.7569
Contract Specialist Arscenia Darrah 602.712.7584
Consultant Contract Specialist Helen Garcia 602.712.7596

Contract Branch D

Position Person Phone
Contract Manager Linda Delamore-Crum 602.712.4895
Contract Specialist Vacant 602.712.4156
Contract Specialist Sherri Ross 602.712.6825
Consultant Contract Specialist Susan Tellez 602.712.7261
Contract Specialist Cesarina Rodriguez 602.712.4171

Compliance Branch E

Position Person Phone
Contract Compliance Officer Vacant 602.712.4171
Consultant DBE Compliance Specialist Vacant 602.712.7851
Consultant Contract Specialist Chris Stafford 602.712.4450
Consultant Contract Specialist Vacant
Consultant Contract Branch Assignments

Branch A

Position Person Areas of Responsibility
Contract Manager Eric Boyles Urban Project Management
Utility and Locating

Branch B

Position Person Areas of Responsibility
Contract Manager Greg Wristen Valley Project Management
Environmental Planning
Contracts and Specifications

Branch C

Position Person Areas of Responsibility
Contract Manager Julia Voight Construction Administration
Alternative Delivery (DB and CMAR)
Value Engineering
Engineering Survey


Branch D

Position Person Areas of Responsibility
Contract Manager Linda Delamore-Crum Transportation Enhancement
Right of Way
District Minor
Public Private Partnerships (P3)

Branch E

Position Person Areas of Responsibility
Contract Compliance Officer Vacant Audit
Contract Compliance
DBE Compliance
Contract Closeout
Certification Acceptance
Errors and Omissions/
Claims Resolution
LPA Self Administration