Environmental Planning

Air Quality Planning

Planning and Research Projects

The Multimodal Air Quality Planning Team is actively involved in funding planning studies and projects that include ways to mitigate transportation emissions and improve air quality.

Current Projects for Improving Air Quality

Ongoing projects include updating ADOT's Transportation Conformity Guidelines and Air Quality Planning Procedures; Draft Scope of Work MPD 002-13, final products are provided below.

Arizona Department of Transportation Air Quality Guidebook for Transportation Conformity

Chapter Description Overview Report Appendix
  Table of Contents      
1.0 Overview of Air Quality Requirements in Arizona Overview Report A
2.0 Interagency Consultation Procedures (Draft) Overview Report B
3.0 Air Quality Conformity Procedures Overview Report  
4.0 Transportation Control Measures Overview Report  
5.0 Nogales PM2.5 / PM10 Nonattainment Areas Case Study Overview Report C | D

Note Appendix C is included for informational purposes as some of the selected project types highlighted in the Case Study could be funded through the CMAQ Program.  Specific details on the CMAQ program for Nogales PM2.5 nonattainment area and selected projects can be found on the website tab named Transportation Control Measures / CMAQ.  The Case Study is only a suggested example of what a completed conformity analysis may look like, not official ADOT guidance. Likewise, the Interagency Consultation Procedures identifies recommendations towards developing ADOT’s portion of a “Conformity SIP” this is an ongoing effort and any official ADOT processes will be provided on the website tab named Conformity.

Final Project Reports