Environmental Planning

Approved Environmental Documents

A list of recently approved Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements.

NEPA Guidance and Forms
Environmental Guidance Documents

A repository for guidance and documents related to environmental clearances for ADOT projects.  

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Water Quality

The ADOT Water Quality Group oversees regulatory requirements on surface and groundwater for ADOT activities and is responsible for improving water quality in by promoting innovative best management practices, providing effective water quality education, and facilitating cooperation among ADOT and affected stakeholders.

Air Quality
Air Quality

The ADOT Air Quality Planning Group works to enhance air quality through congestion mitigation, air quality programs, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) planning activities to implement provisions required in the Clean Air Act to meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards throughout Arizona.

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ADOT is dedicated to being a leader in initiatives and programs that support and protect the environment and the quality of life for all of Arizona. Read more about some of the ways ADOT is identifying and addressing environmental issues in our state.

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Environmental planning and services are the responsibility of multiple groups within ADOT. Find the appropriate business area contact here.

Consultant Resources

Forms, templates and FTP information for ADOT contractors and consultants.