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Joint Project Administration

The Joint Project Administration (JPA) within the Intermodal Transportation Division (ITD), acting under the authority and requirements of Arizona Revised Statutes§ 11-951 through§ 11-954 and§ 28-401, prepares written agreements when exercising joint powers common to political subdivisions of the state.

The JPA is designated the responsible authority for all intergovernmental agreements (IGA) or contracts contemplated under ARS§ 11-952, which includes joint project agreements; intergovernmental agreements; letters of intent, understanding or agreement; memorandums of understanding or agreement; and private-sector agreements.

Joint-project agreements are primarily utilized as a vehicle to provide for the exchange of funds between ADOT and other agencies or organizations, or to memorialize in writing any agreement of the parties. Joint-project agreements and private-sector agreements are essentially the same and carry the same statutory requirements as an IGA. These may involve different parties outside ADOT and may be for different types of arrangements (e.g., projects, private sector or utilities); however, they are all primarily the same.

Coordination of agreement activities requires an awareness on behalf of the JPA and the individual requestor on all matters pertaining to the project, including bid schedules, State Transportation Board meeting dates, payment schedules and other agreement conditions (e.g., exchange of property, in-kind services, inspection of facilities, etc.), and the status of projects under construction.

The Joint Project Agreement Instructional Tutorial is available here.

The Joint Project Agreement Amendment Request Form is available here.

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