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Local Public Agency Projects Manual

The ADOT Local Public Agency Projects Manual provides information and guidance to assist local public agencies (i.e., counties, cities, towns and tribal governments) with projects funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), from planning to final acceptance.

The manual outlines the ADOT and FHWA policies and procedures that federally funded local public agency projects must follow.

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Oversight and Monitoring (O&M) Work Plan

The Oversight and Monitoring (O&M) Work Plan describes how ADOT will ensure that Federal-aid projects are developed and delivered by local agencies; will be administered with financial integrity; comply with federal and state requirements; and follow the guidelines outlined in ADOT's Local Public Agency Project Manual. This work plan is intended to serve as a comprehensive monitoring and reporting document identify the work activities, budget, schedule, and resources for the ADOT LPA Section's O&M program.