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South Mountain Freeway Public-Private Partnership Concept Advances

The Arizona Department of Transportation has conducted a Request for Information and an industry forum related to the proposal to construct the South Mountain Freeway as a public-private partnership, should the freeway be approved through the ongoing federal environmental process.

The purpose of all of this is to seek the industry's perspective and feedback on specific questions and to provide an opportunity for industry input on the overall procurement process for the proposed project. The information obtained will help ADOT advance planning and development efforts for the project; help confirm or refine ADOT's project procurement, financing and delivery approach; and may result in the launch of a formal Request for Proposals.

The South Mountain Freeway remains a corridor under study, and this public-private partnership proposal has no impact on the ongoing Environmental Impact Statement that is scheduled to be finalized in 2014. The EIS must be completed and acceptable to the Federal Highway Administration regardless of how the proposed project is funded or constructed.

Public-private partnerships allow a private-sector entity to participate in the delivery of a transportation project. ADOT has authority to partner with the private sector to build or improve Arizona transportation facilities.

ADOT's First P3 Project Moves Forward in Flagstaff

The Arizona Department of Transportation is set to relocate to new offices in Flagstaff as part of a first-ever public-private partnership designed to acquire new facilities for the agency and free up prime land for local redevelopment.

ADOT recently selected Vintage Partners, an Arizona-based development firm, as the developer that will relocate and consolidate the agency's offices in Flagstaff. This project, also known as a P3, will enable ADOT to move into new office space in Flagstaff, including new Motor Vehicle Division offices, at no cost to the department, in exchange for ADOT's existing property at 1801 S. Milton Rd.

Conceptual P3 Projects
Eligible P3 Projects

These are the eligible facilities types:

  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Monorails
  • Transit
  • Bus systems
  • Guided rapid transit
  • Parking facilities
  • Rail yard and storage
  • Vehicles
  • Rolling stock and other related equipment, items or property
  • Other ADOT-related facilities and structures