Programs and Partnerships



No classes are currently scheduled. Please contact the Office of Partnering for more information.

Class Descriptions
Introduction to Partnering (Available Online)

Partnering is a process of collaborative teamwork to achieve measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships. This online course provides participants an overview of partnering principles, process and practices and an opportunity to plan a way to use this information personally.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a confirmation email verifying your achievement and the ADOT Office of Partnering will be notified.

Note: ADOT employees should take the course through the ADOT Learning Center to earn credit.

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How to Make Partnering Work in the Field (Five-Hour Class)

Applying partnering principles and practices in the field is the key to successful projects. This class is a half-day interactive, practical and informative program that builds relationships among the project team members. It is designed for those responsible for making partnering work in the field.

The Leader's Guide to Issue Resolution (Eight-Hour Class)

Issue resolution is a key skill for leaders who seek to build successful partnerships. This class is designed for those who are responsible for leading others in identifying and resolving issues and in developing an issue-resolution process.

Partnering Evaluation Program (PEP) (Four-Hour Class)

Participants will be able to locate the Office of Partnering website, register in the database for a PEP login and password; identify the differences between the three modules within PEP; change the password and learn how to request a new one; understand the levels of rights when using the PEP database; and enter, change (with appropriate rights) and save ratings. Participants will be able to view summary reports, enter comments and print reports; understand the roles and responsibilities of the partnering champion; and understand how to customize the PEP database for individual partnerships. This class is designed for ADOT and non-ADOT employees who participate in partnering.

Conducting a Partnering Workshop (Two-Day Class)

A partnering workshop is a collaboration between all participants connected to a partnership. A partnership is defined as a joint effort (which may include a project, program, product or service) of collaborative teamwork to achieve measurable results through agreements and productive working relationships. This class will teach those familiar with partnering how to facilitate, structure and coach a partnering workshop.