Safe Routes to School

Eligible/Ineligible Activities

Ineligible Activities

Ineligible SRTS activities cover two types of projects:

  • Infrastructure
  • Noninfrastructure
Infrastructure Projects

The use of funds for projects that reorganize pick-up and drop-off primarily for the convenience of drivers rather than to improve child safety and/or walking and bicycling access is not permitted, nor should program funds be spent on bus safety or improvements to bus stops.

Noninfrastructure Projects

Program funds shall not be used to pay for crossing guard salaries as these are recurring costs (although funds may be used for crossing guard training programs). Funds spent on education programs that are primarily focused on bus safety are also not permitted.

Funds can be used for infrequent circumstances, such as special events. Fire/police officer salaries or overtime are ineligible if the duties are part of their normal, regular, day-to-day responsibilities.