Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shoe Tree near SR 87 is an Arizona curiosity

This "Shoe Tree" off of State Route 87 has us puzzled!

The “mystery tree” on I-17 still has us baffled, so imagine our bewilderment upon seeing these photos of a shoe tree off of State Route 87, south of Payson.

This shoe tree is off SR 87, south 
of Payson near milepost 223.
That’s right – there’s a literal shoe tree just sitting alongside the road!

And, our Arizona shoe tree isn’t the only one, at least according to – a site devoted to the oddities found along America’s highways.

There are shoe trees all across the country … who knew?

So, are we the only ones who have never heard of, or seen a shoe tree before? Have you come across the Arizona shoe tree?

Maybe you’ve thrown a pair of your own sneakers up on those branches?

Let us know in the blog comments or on our Facebook page … and, while you’re at it, tell us about any of your favorite Arizona roadside curiosities.
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