Vehicle Services

Plates and Placards

Personalized Plate Guidelines

Do you have a personalized plate idea or need help with plate ideas? Or are you ready to order your personalized and/or specialty plate? Go to Service Arizona to select your plate choice.

Please review your selection carefully. Any changes to your plate choice and/or request for refund cannot be made once we have placed the order to manufacture your plate.

All personalized plate letter/number combination choices must be approved. We may refuse to issue or may suspend any plate that suggests a meaning that is offensive, misleading or that duplicates any existing plate or plate series. You may also check on the availability of your choice online, before you order your plate.

  • Use only capital letters and numbers. No punctuation or other symbols. Use I for i, L for l, 1 for one, and V (underlined) for v.
  • Choices with the maximum number of characters may not have spaces. Choices will automatically be centered on the plate.
  • Choices with fewer than the maximum characters may have half spaces (indicate with single slash "/") or full spaces.
  • If you order a plate with a disability symbol, that symbol replaces the first character of the plate and so reduces the maximum of characters available for the plate.

Plate Naming

The fee for a remake of a plate already ordered or issued is $5 plus postage/handling.

If you sell, trade or otherwise transfer ownership of your vehicle, or if you terminate your lease, you must contact us and take one of three actions:

  • Release the plate to the new owner. You must complete a Plate Notice. The new owner must complete a new Special Plate Application and pay the initial application fee.
  • Transfer the plate to another vehicle you own or lease. If you transfer ownership of your vehicle and intend to use the plate on another vehicle at a later date, you may retain the plate for one year after the registration expiration date. If after one year you have not transferred the plate to another vehicle, the plate will be canceled and become available for reissue to another person.
  • Release the plate back to us. You must complete a Plate Notice.

For additional information, please see our Vehicle Services FAQs.