Professional Services

Authorized Third Party Services

An Authorized Third Party (ATP) provides an alternative means of receiving services that are transacted in MVD field offices.

Revenues due to the state of Arizona for transactions must be remitted daily to MVD. A service charge or convenience fee may be collected by third parties in addition to the appropriate state fees.

Individuals who request certification to work for an ATP must undergo a criminal-history check and successfully complete training courses. Performance measures are compiled regularly to track the amount and type of work performed. Compliance auditors monitor the work for adherence to policies, rules and statutes. View a list of Authorized Third Parties.

Title and Registration

ATPs that handle title and registration are private companies granted access to the MVD Title and Registration Database to issue license plates, registrations, tabs, titles and various permits. Most are open to the public and offer extended hours. Some third parties conduct transactions for their internal fleets only.

Driver License Application

There are currently ATPs authorized to process driver license applications for the general public, including written and road tests and digital photos. The new or renewed license is mailed to the customer and is not issued over the counter by the third party.

For more information about becoming an MVD Authorized Third Party, please contact Title and Registration, Driver License Partnerships at 602.712.8217, Option 4.