Studies and Programs

Corridor Profile Studies

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is conducting nine Corridor Profile Studies. The first three studies encompass the entire length of I-17, I-19 and I-40 from the California border to I-17. The studies under this program will provide a strategic vision for assessing the overall health of the state's primary highways, assisting the agency with transitioning to a performance-based project programming system through targeted investments.


The Corridor Profile Study process is a comprehensive process to

  • inventory past project implementation proposals for each of the nine strategic corridors.
  • provide an overall assessment of the existing health of the corridor based on performance measures.
  • propose various solution sets to help improve overall corridor performance.
  • recommend the most strategic improvements for the corridor.

The goal of the Corridor Profile Study is to identify candidate projects for consideration in the Multimodal Planning Division's (MPD) Planning to Programming (P2P) project prioritization process providing information to guide corridor-specific project selection and programming decisions.

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Stategic Corridor Program Organization
Linking Planning to Programming