Research Center

The Research Center is a catalyst for innovation at the Arizona Department of Transportation. The Research Center engages in three major functions: administering the department's research program, managing the product approval program and maintaining a transportation library.


Projects administered by the Research Center focus on research that can be applied to improve ADOT processes and products. Research projects address the full range of topics of interest to the department.

Product Evaluation Program

The Approved Product List (APL) is updated every month. Changes to the APL are approved by the ADOT Product Evaluation Committees and are implemented by the first working day of the month following their action.


Go to this page to review the Research Center's library catalog, fill out a search-request form or view lists of new additions to the library.

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Aug. 8, 2011

Much has changed since ADOT got its start in 1927. Back then, the agency was known as the Arizona State Highway Department and roads certainly were built a little differently. Methods, materials and technology have changed so much since then. Full story ...