Research Center

Nathan M. Banks Memorial Library

Library Resources

The Research Center Library is open to ADOT employees, transportation faculty in Arizona universities and Arizona local and county transportation staff.

Acquisition Policy

The library welcomes recommendations for new books and periodicals; however, the librarian has sole responsibility for the selection and acquisition of library materials.

Books and Reports

The ATRC attempts to acquire all publications of the Arizona Department of Transportation. The librarian uses the following criteria to decide acquisition of other items:

  • Positive reviews/evaluations in accepted reviewing media and/or citation in specialized bibliographies or indexes
  • The reputation of the publisher
  • The author's reputation
  • Availability at other area libraries (if the price is over $100)
  • Membership in a series (e.g., annual proceedings, standards) that the library has
  • Whether the book is a new edition with revised information or a reprint
Magazines and Serials

The librarian uses the following criteria to decide magazine and serial purchases:

  • A sample copy and/or a table of contents with three randomly selected articles and/or a review
  • Indexing or abstracting by services available in the library
  • Frequency of citation in the literature
  • Availability at other area libraries
  • Price and price increases
  • Volume of requests for material from the serial via interlibrary loan

Multiple copies of serials will not be purchased.


The Library reserves the right to accept or discard any donated materials as it sees fit. It will not photocopy materials unless there is copyright clearance.


The library considers discarding books when their information becomes obsolete, it is replaced by a later edition, room size restrictions require a smaller collection, the items are not used or they are damaged beyond repair.


The library holdings will be classified and cataloged using the Library of Congress and Superintendent of Documents classification schemes. These holdings will be entered into the library database using DB/TextWorks software. This database will be accessed through ADOT's network and the Internet.


ADOT employees, faculty of Arizona public colleges and universities, and transportation officials of Arizona cities and counties may borrow circulating items from the library. Graduate students at Arizona public universities may request borrowing privileges by submitting a letter on department letterhead signed by a faculty member.

All materials circulate except periodicals, reference items, computer software and manuals, indexes, vault reports, and the original, camera-ready copies of Research Center reports. Study guides for engineer-in-training and professional-engineer tests circulate only to ADOT employees.

The standard loan period is one month. The borrower may renew an item two times, provided no one else has asked for it.

The borrower is responsible for returning items borrowed. The borrower may choose to have items sent and to return items via interagency mail or the U.S. Postal Service; however, the borrower is liable for the book if it is lost. The library will suspend or limit borrowing privileges of clients who do not return library materials. Borrowers who have kept items for more than six months will have their borrowing privileges suspended until the items are returned. They must replace or pay for lost, destroyed or damaged items. The library will replace books kept for more than one year and will charge the replacement cost to the borrower. Borrowers who leave or change their current employment or student status must return all borrowed items to the library.


The library is open to the public, though some services are restricted.

Collection Description

The library has nearly 30,000 books, magazines, videos and CDs. The collection focuses on transportation planning and engineering. Most of the collection is reports published by federal and state transportation agencies. It also has professional society and commercial publications.


The Research Center is the research portion of ADOT. The library was established in July 1989. In 1990, the then-ATRC transferred from the Highways Division to the Transportation Planning Division. In 1995, it was transferred to the Intermodal Transportation Division. In 1997, it was transferred to the director's Support Division. In 1999, it was transferred to the then-Transportation Planning Division, now the Multimodal Planning Division.

Other ADOT Collections

The library will supervise the entry of other ADOT section libraries into the library database. This will include training using the DB/TextWorks software and procedures to catalog the material. This assistance will not exceed four hours per week for a section. The section must have a purchased copy of the DB/TextWorks software and an on-site person designated as a library liaison to maintain the database. This on-site maintenance includes cataloging and entering new material, updating items when they are checked out and returned, and deleting items when they are lost or not returned.