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ADOT Research Reports

The following reports are published by the ADOT Research Center.
  #   Title Report Date
741 Detection and warning systems for wrong-way driving. Nov. 2015
723 Communication plan for windblown dust. May 2015
717 The impact of Arizona Highways Magazine’s Facebook page. Feb. 2014
716 Evaluation of the ADOT Small Area Transportation Studies and Planning Assistance for Rural Areas programs. March 2014
697 Wrong-way vehicle detection: Proof of concept. March 2013
696 Preliminary study of climate adaptation for the statewide transportation system in Arizona. March 2013
691 Development of ADOT application rate guidelines for winter storm management of chemical additives through an ambient monitoring system. Oct. 2015
687 Analysis of the state of the art of precast concrete bridge substructure systems. Oct. 2013
686 The impact of Arizona Highways Magazine on tourism. March 2012
684 Evaluation of the City of Scottsdale Loop 101 photo enforcement demonstration program. Nov. 2007
683 Feasibility test of CADD webmenus. Aug. 2009
681 Reduction of speed in work zones using ITS DMS instant feedback to drivers: vehicle speed versus traffic fine. Aug. 2014
677 Evaluation of measures to promote desert bighorn sheep highway permeability: U.S. Route 93. Jan. 2014
672 Development of a traffic data input system in Arizona for the MEPDG. Oct. 2013
670 Restraint use (seat belt and child passenger seat) survey. Dec. 2008
663 Development of intersection performance measures for timing plan maintenance using an actuated controller: Phase 1. Nov. 2012
660 Arizona transportation history. Dec. 2011
659 Genetic variation of pronghorn across U.S. Route 89 and State Route 64. March 2012
658 Performance testing of HPC on Sunshine Bridge. Sept. 2009
657 Options for Reducing Copper Theft. Oct. 2009
655 Identifying customer-focused performance measures. Oct. 2010
654 Travel demand management: a toolbox of strategies to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips and increase alternate mode usage in Arizona. Feb. 2012
650 Assessment of desert tortoise movement, permeability, and habitat along the proposed State Route 95 realignment. Dec. 2012
647 Elk movements associated with a high-traffic highway: Interstate 17. March 2013
637 Cost/benefit analysis of electronic license plates. June 2008
635 Snowplow simulator training evaluation: potential fuel and drivetrain maintenance cost reductions. Dec. 2007
633 Economical concrete mix design utilizing blended cements, performance-based specifications, and pay factors. May 2013
630 Critical review of ADOT’S hot mix asphalt specifications. Dec. 2008
628 Evaluation of maintenance strategies. Nov. 2013
627.1 State of the art evaluation of traffic detection and monitoring systems: Volume I – Phases A & B: Design. Oct. 2007
626 Wildlife accident reduction study and monitoring: Arizona State Route 64. Nov. 2012
624 Hazardous materials transportation in Arizona. March 2010
622 Price trends for major roadway inputs. Dec. 2006
621 High density polyethylene pipe fill height table. Nov. 2006
620 Developing a stabilized public transportation revenue source. Jan. 2007
619 Assessment of pronghorn movements and strategies to promote highway permeability: U.S. Highway 89. May 2010
618 Land use and traffic congestion. March 2012
617 Effects of deicing/anti-icing chemicals (DIAICs) on rubberized asphalt pavements. Sept. 2014
615 Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) concepts for rural corridor management. Sept. 2007
614 Origins and destinations study of older persons. June 2008
613 Quantifying the impact of new freeway segments. May 2013
612 Synthesis of animal-vehicle mitigation measures Synthesis of animal-vehicle collision mitigation measures (cover) Aug. 2007
610 Implementing a statewide rideshare and vanpool program in Arizona. June 2008
609 Driver education for safety in adverse driving conditions. Feb. 2008
608 Development of rational pay factors based on concrete compressive strength data. June 2008
606 Calibration and implementation of the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide in Arizona. Sept. 2014
605.2 Investigations of environmental effects on freeway acoustics. May 2013
605.1 Investigations of environmental effects on freeway acoustics. March 2010
603 Wildlife-vehicle collision mitigation for safer wildlife movement across highways: State Route 260. Dec. 2012
602 Storm water monitoring along Loop 202 and Salt River. Oct. 2010
601 A Cost evaluation of cross-border truck emissions testing using heavy duty remote sensing equipment. June 2008
600 Effectiveness of microbe application to petroleum spills at crash sites. March 2012
598 Should state DOTs prefer bicycle lanes or wide curb lanes? June 2008
597 Feasibility of forecasting highway safety in support of safety incentive and safety target programs. Nov. 2007
596 Technical evaluation of photo speed enforcement for freeways. Oct. 2005
595 Real-time adaptive ramp metering – Phase I: MILOS proof of concept (Multi-Objective, Integrated, Large-Scale, Optimized System) Dec. 2006
594 Use of simulated highway underpass crossing structures by flat-tailed horned lizards (Phrynosoma mcallii) May 2007
592.S Tribal traffic safety funding guide. Feb. 2006
592 Building tribal traffic safety capacity. Dec. 2007
589 Determination of Section 404 permit and habitat mitigation requirements. Sept. 2012
588 Evaluation of distribution and trans-highway movement of desert bighorn sheep: Arizona Highway 68. Aug. 2008
587 Evaluation of salvage and replanted native plants on ADOT projects. June 2012
585 Snowplow simulator training evaluation. Nov. 2006
584 Survey of traffic noise reduction products, materials, and technologies. Dec. 2008
583 Open-source as an alternative to commercial software. March 2009
582 Multimodal optimization of urban freeway corridors.Nov. 2006
580 Automated asset inventory system.April 2006
579 Making a good first impression: improving predesign and environmental public information and public involvement.June 2007