Research Center


Research Program

Projects administered by the Research Center focus on research that can be applied to improve ADOT processes and products. Research projects address the full range of topics of interest to the department. Topics are assigned to one or more focus areas:

  • Planning and environmental stewardship
  • Safety and efficiency in operations
  • Preservation and renewal of infrastructure
  • Service and mobility choices

Projects are funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) State Planning and Research program. Projects are managed by Research Center staff and conducted in partnership with the public sector, private sector and university investigators under contract with ADOT.

Anyone may suggest an idea for a research project by developing a research problem statement and submitting it to at any time. A problem statement describes the existing issues to be addressed and the objectives that would be met by the suggested research. To ensure the responsiveness and applicability of the research program to ADOT's needs, a Research Advisory Committee and Steering Committee provide oversight and direction while working closely with FHWA and research staff.

Research results are documented in reports that must adhere to the Research Center's Specifications for Preparing Research Reports. The reports are catalogued by the ADOT library and are available online. The policies and procedures of the research program are documented in the Research Program Manual. Refer to the manual and the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

The Annual Work Program describes the research projects underway at the Research Center.