Northeast Projects

Interstate 40 Paving Holbrook

Two separate paving projects east of Holbrook are restarting after being suspended for the winter months.

The first project started in August 2013 to repave eight miles of I-40, about 15 miles east of Holbrook (milepost 303-311). The $7.1 million project includes removing a layer of the existing pavement, applying a new layer of rubberized asphalt, repairing the bridge deck and removing and replacing the guardrail. This project will restart June 1, 2014, with the application of the final layer of paving. The completion of this final phase will take approximately two months.

The second project restarted April 14 to repave seven miles of I-40 from Holbrook to Sun Valley (milepost 290-297). This $10 million project includes milling existing pavement and then repaving. In addition, the project will include repairing the bridge deck at the Sun Valley Interchange, installing new fencing and replacing the guardrail. This project will be completed mid-summer 2014.

Once the projects resume for milling and paving, as well as other work, motorists can expect slower speed limits, lane restrictions and potential delays.