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Interstate 10 Improvement Projects

Project History

I-10 and Perryville Road Interchange Project

The need for a new traffic interchange at Perryville Road and I-10 was identified to meet the demands of expected development in the area.


Voters approve funding MAG's Regional Transportation Plan, in which the Perryville Road TI at I-10 is identified.


Maricopa Association of Government's "Interstate 10: Hassayampa Valley Roadway Framework Study for the West Valley" achieves these goals:

  • Develops a conceptual network of roads
  • Identifies new traffic interchange locations along I-10 (including Perryville Road)
  • Introduces a new type of road facility, termed an "Arizona Parkway" (see for more information related to the Arizona Parkway)
  • Identifies future Arizona Parkway corridors (including the Jackrabbit Trail / Perryville Road corridor)

MCDOT's Jackrabbit Trail / Perryville Road corridor study concludes that a new interchange at Perryville Road is preferred over using the existing interchange at Jackrabbit Trail to minimize impacts to existing homes, flood control facilities and trails along Jackrabbit Trail near I-10.


ADOT and Federal Highway Administration hold agency and public scoping meetings in Goodyear to present and solicit input on the Perryville Road TI study.

ADOT puts the study on hold in response to agency input related to Perryville Road being developed as an Arizona Parkway concept.

ADOT works with a team of federal, state, county and local agencies to develop freeway-to-parkway interchange templates, to evaluate them based on a multidisciplinary set of criteria and to provide recommendations for their future use.


The freeway-to-parkway study is completed in fall 2010.

ADOT re-engages the Perryville Road TI study team to begin the process of evaluating alternatives for the proposed interchange.


Work begins.