Phoenix Metro Area Projects

Loop 303 from Interstate 10 to State Route 30

Study Timeline

Draft EA/DCR Fall 2014
Public Hearing Fall 2014
Final EA/DCR Spring 2015
I-10/Loop 303 TI Design (Phase II) Fiscal Year 2014
Loop 303 Design, SR 30 to Van Buren Street Fiscal Year 2019

Loop 303 south of I-10 is in the planning phase of ADOT's project development process. ADOT is currently evaluating potential corridors with the establishment of general locations and basic characteristics (number of lanes, interchanges, etc.). Associated activities include environmental studies (air quality, noise, cultural resources, etc.), identification and evaluation of alternatives, general cost estimates, partnering with public and private stakeholders, and the determination of feasibility to move to the design phase.


The design of a roadway involves several phases of detailed engineering and technical review and interim levels of approval. The final design of the roadway is represented in plans and specifications that construction contractors use to prepare construction bids.


Road construction is based on the approved design. As the construction process advances, changes may occur that are influenced by a variety of factors. ADOT continually looks for ways to improve the construction process for maximum efficiency and minimal community impact.

  • Construction of Loop 303 between I-10 and Van Buren Street is anticipated to begin in 2016 and conclude in 2017, per the ADOT Five-Year Program.
  • Construction of Loop 303 between Van Buren Street and SR 30 is anticipated to begin in 2023 and conclude in 2024, per the Regional Transportation Plan.