Phoenix Metro Area Projects

State Route 24

Project Timeline


Construction begins.


Final design plans got under way.


SR 802 was officially designated SR 24. Initial design plans began for the first phase: Loop 202 to Ellsworth Road.


ADOT and FHWA divided the SR 802 into two projects: Maricopa County and Pinal County. ADOT went back out to gather public feedback on the preliminary preferred alternative for SR 802, Loop 202 to Ironwood Road.


Two open houses were held to gain insight from the public on four corridors from which future alignments could be considered.


The public was invited and encouraged to learn more about the project, provide feedback and give recommendations.


ADOT and the FHWA initiated design concepts and an environmental study for the proposed project.


The Southeast Maricopa / Northern Pinal County Area Transportation Study identified the need and demand for a high-capacity roadway in the project area, and potential corridors were established. During this same period, the Maricopa Association of Governments completed the Williams Gateway Freeway Alignment and Environmental Overview Study for the Maricopa County portion of the facility, while ADOT finished the Williams Gateway Corridor Definition Study for the Pinal County portion.