Phoenix Metro Area Projects

U.S. Route 60 (Grand Avenue) Improvement Project:
Loop 101 Agua Fria Freeway to McDowell Road

Projects Documents

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Categorical Exclusion (CE)

Final Design Concept Report

Table Of Contents

Executive Summary

Mitigation Measures

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Traffic and Crash Data

Chapter 3: Design Concept Alternatives

Chapter 4: Major Design Features of the Recommended Alternative

Chapter 5: Itemized Project Cost Estimates

Chapter 6: AASHTO Controlling Design Criteria and ADOT Roadway Design Guidelines

Chapter 7: Social, Economic and Environmental Considerations

Appendix A: AASHTO Controlling Design Criteria

Appendix B: Design Exception Request

Appendix C: Agency Stakeholder Letters

Appendix D: Plans

US 60 (Grand Avenue) Major Investment Study: Phase II

Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)

Grand Avenue Major Investment Study: SR 101L to McDowell Road
Phase II Report, February 2006

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Socioeconomic and Environmental Conditions

Chapter 3: Existing, Programmed and Planned Facilities

Chapter 4: Issues and Needs Identification

Chapter 5: Alternatives Analysis

Chapter 6: Recommended Improvements

Chapter 7: References

Appendix A: Related Studies, Plans and Programs

Appendix B: Environmental Databases

Appendix C: Previously Recorded Cultural Resources

Appendix D: Alternatives Analysis Exhibits

Appendix E: Synchro Output: Existing LOS Analyses

Appendix F: Synchro Output: Proposed LOS Analyses

Appendix G: Unfunded Projects

Appendix H: Conceptual Cost Estimates

Appendix I: Myrtle Avenue Connection to Grand

Appendix J: Project Evaluation: Traffic Analysis

Loop 303, I-10 to US 60: Final Environmental Assessment

Loop 303, I-10 to US 60: Draft Environmental Assessment