South Central Projects

U.S. Route 60 Superior to Globe Design Concept and Environmental Impact Study

Study Timeline

The timeline represents the required steps in the development of a roadway improvement. In addition to establishing a funding source, there are a series of required planning and environmental studies before a roadway is constructed.


Highway planning to determine potential corridors and improvements is conducted well in advance of design and construction. Area population growth, anticipated land use, jurisdictional responsibilities, and other factors are used to determine the need, feasibility, and general location of future improvements. For this project corridor, this effort was completed during the Feasibility Study phase of this project, initiated in 1999 and completed in October 2004.

Detailed Study

The study phase establishes the location (alignment) and basic characteristics (number of lanes, type of traffic interchange, etc.) of a roadway. Accompanying this are detailed environmental studies, identification and evaluation of alternatives, general cost estimates, coordination with public and private partners, and the determination of feasibility to move into the design phase. Pending the findings of the study, FHWA and ADOT will decide whether or not to advance an alternative design.This is the current phase of this US 60 improvement Project.

Programming and Funding

The US 60 improvements necessary to improve and/or realign US 60 are currently not funded. The process for identifying and establishing funds will begin after the study process is complete. At that time, ADOT will program the various aspects of the project. The project components would be constructed according to the implementation plan developed during the study phase.

The State Transportation Board develops the Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program to fund the design and construction of transportation projects throughout Arizona. Projects are prioritized for the program to the guidelines set under the Arizona Priority Programming Law.


The design of a roadway involves several stages of detailed engineering and technical review and interim levels of approval. The final design of a roadway is represented in plans and specifications that construction contractors use to prepare construction bids. During final design, ADOT requires new right of way required for the roadway improvements.


Road construction for projects is based on detailed plans and specifications provided to the contractor following the approved design. As construction occurs, ADOT continually looks for ways to improve the construction process for maximum efficiency and minimal community impact.

Maintain and Monitor

ADOT will maintain the facility and will monitor it to assure it continues to meet the needs of the traveling public.