South Central Projects

Interstate 10: Ina Road Traffic Interchange Final Design

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to prepare all the necessary final design documentation to fully reconstruct the Ina Road traffic interchange in accordance with the previous I-10, Ina Road TI to Ruthrauff Road TI Project documentation. I-10 currently passes over Ina Road, and with this project, Ina Road will become elevated and pass over I-10, Union Pacific Railroad and Camino De Oeste. The existing frontage roads and ramps will require reconstruction to intersect with the crossroad in its reconstructed (elevated) position.

The ADOT I-10 General Plan outlined the necessary improvements along I-10 in 1993, which included two-lane, one-way frontage roads along each side of I-10. It also included necessary crossroad widening at the frontage road intersections but did not include a railroad grade separation at Ina Road. In 2006, Pima County voters approved a countywide sales tax to fund a 20-year program of transportation improvements to be administered by the RTA. One of the RTA projects is to eliminate the existing at-grade railroad crossings of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks at Ina Road. The proposed improvements shown for I-10 meet the long-range planning objectives of ADOT, the town of Marana, Pima County, Pima Association of Governments and the RTA and improve the capacity, public safety and operational characteristics of the Ina Road TI. This project will also remain sensitive to environmental concerns and cultural resources.

Project Timeline

Review the I-10: Ina Road to Ruthrauff Road Design Concept Report.

Note: The Design Concept Report is an early study of the area, and changes in funding and scheduling have already occurred and are expected to continue throughout the design process.