South Central Projects

Interstate 19: Ajo Way Traffic Interchange

Plans for an improved traffic interchange at I-19 and Ajo Way are moving forward.

The Arizona Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration continue to develop plans to improve the existing traffic interchange at I-19 and Ajo Way. The improvements to this intersection are needed to improve traffic efficiency and safety for the motoring public.

A public meeting was held on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013. View the presentation and meeting handout.

The project is looking to reconstruct the traffic interchange to a single-point urban interchange (SPUI) and to construct sound walls to buffer adjacent residential areas. An SPUI will improve traffic efficiency and safety by controlling through traffic on Ajo Way and traffic entering and exiting I-19 with a single set of traffic signals, rather than signals at multiple locations. The project also includes these features:

  • Widening I-19 from Ajo Way to Irvington Road
  • Reconstructing the southbound Irvington Road exit ramp
  • Constructing a new braided ramp structure for the Ajo Way entrance ramp to cross over the Irvington Road exit ramp
  • Reconstructing the Santa Cruz River Bridge
  • Reconstructing the pedestrian structure over I-19 at Michigan Street (between Ajo Way and Irvington Road)
  • Constructing major drainage crossings on I-19 at Rodeo Wash and other locations
  • Assigning new right of way, including residential acquisition, and relocating numerous utilities