South Central Projects

State Route 387 Roadway Improvements and Pedestrian
Hybrid Beacon

Roadway and sidewalk improvements are planned along a 2.6-mile section of SR 387 (Pinal Avenue) between Florence Boulevard (SR 287) and Santa Cruz Wash Bridge. A new pedestrian hybrid beacon will also be installed at the San Carlos Trail school crossing.

  • Removing and replacing pavement on Pinal Avenue and curb and gutter improvements throughout project limits
  • Replacing and upgrading sidewalks to meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards
  • Restriping new roadway surface
  • Installing a pedestrian hybrid beacon (PHB) at San Carlos Trail school crossing
  • Removing and replacing a guardrail on Santa Cruz Wash Bridge
What Is a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB)

A PHB is a pedestrian-activated warning device that assists pedestrians in crossing a street at a marked, but unsignaled, crosswalk using a system of warning and flashing lights to notify and stop traffic

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