51st and 43rd avenues Traffic Interchanges - Loop 303, Lake Pleasant Parkway to I-17 Improvements

New Loop 303 traffic interchanges at 51st and 43rd avenues are currently in the final design phase. The Arizona Department of Transportation, in association with the Maricopa Association of Governments, and in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration and the city of Phoenix, completed a Project Assessment (PA) in April 2021 to evaluate construction of these traffic interchanges. The freeway was originally constructed to accommodate the implementation of the traffic interchanges with current traffic using the location of the ultimate ramps for mainline traffic. The city of Phoenix is currently planning to shift the 51st Avenue alignment to the west, and the PA evaluated this new alignment for the location of the 51st Avenue traffic interchange.

51st, 43rd Traffic Interchange L303 Lake Pleasant Parkway Map