Grand Canyon Airport Projects

Current projects and project information

The airport terminal was built in 1967. The restrooms were dated, small, and because of age, could not be brought into compliance with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). 

We will post photos of an ARFF truck from the winning bidder. It usually takes about 18 months for an ARFF truck to be manufactured.

Project Rationale: The current drainage system is now inside the Runway Safety Area (RSA), causing a safety and standards concern; also, the drainage system no longer adequately removes water from the airfield, allowing water to pool rather than flow.

The project is currently under design -- a fusion of the natural rock and traditional colors of the Grand Canyon with the modern look of metal and LED displays to help tourists find tenant businesses.

Adding shoulders to a runway increases safety. In the event of a runway excursion (an aircraft unintentionally veers off the runway) the shoulders give the pilot more pavement on which to regain control before ending up in the dirt infield.