Scenic Roads

Designating a State Scenic Road

Anyone may nominate a road for state designation. A state designation applies to parkways, historic and scenic roads. The process is outlined in the ADOT report "Application Procedures for Designation of Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads in Arizona."

  • Application components
    • It all starts with a letter requesting a designation accompanied by a formal application.
  • Evaluation criteria
    • This covers how the formal application will be reviewed by the Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Advisory Committee. Specific criteria is involved separately for Parkways, for Historic Roads, and for Scenic Roads.
  • Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Advisory Committee
    • This committee evaluates designation requests based on the established criteria.
  • Guidelines and rules
    • After the designation and approval of the new scenic road, these guidelines and rules apply to the highway to preserve the designation.
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