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Can I designate a state scenic road that is not on the ADOT highway system?

Yes. The ADOT Scenic Roads program is not limited to its own highways. Any road or street that meets the criteria for parkways, historic roads or scenic roads is eligible for designation.

Could a scenic road be delisted because of developers building along the road?

Yes. The PHSRAC could recommend delisting if the qualities of the scenic road were degraded because of development. The State Transportation Board would make the final decision.

Who pays for the required studies prior to designation of a state scenic road?

Historically, ADOT has funded studies for the PHSRAC upon receiving an official letter requesting designation. For any future and proposed scenic road nominations, contact ADOT (see below) for funding availability.

Why are we doing a CMP?

The CMP is a grassroots-level participation project in which local desires and issues are documented to serve as a planning guide for the nationally designated byway.

Who pays for the development of the CMP?

The FHWA has historically funded 80 percent of the costs as part of a discretionary grant. ADOT has historically funded the remaining 20 percent of the costs. For any future and proposed byway designations, contact the FHWA (see below) for funding availability.

If we complete the CMP, does that mean we have to nominate the route for national designation?

The question will be addressed in the CMP. It will be a local decision. ADOT policy is to only forward applications for national designation that have consensus. Again, both FHWA and ADOT want this to be a grassroots-level program.

How long does the CMP process take?

It generally takes 18 to 24 months.

What is the difference between a state-designated scenic road and a nationally designated byway?

A state-designated scenic road covers parkways, historic roads and scenic roads. A nationally designated byway covers National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads.

Which is designated first, a state scenic road or a byway?

A roadway, in most cases, must be a state-designated scenic road before it is considered for byway designation.

What do we need to do to nationally designate our road?

To be considered for national designation, three things are needed:

  • ADOT must designate (or have designated) the road as a parkway, historic road or scenic road.
  • You must have a completed CMP.
  • You must have a completed national designation application submitted to FHWA.
What are the benefits of national designation?

Benefits include promotion and preservation of the scenic route. Other benefits may include local economic gain from the distinction of having an officially and nationally designated scenic road.

If I have questions on the state scenic roads program, whom should I contact?

ADOT Scenic Roads Program
Arizona Department of Transportation
1615 W. Jackson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602.712.6166
Fax: 602.712.3347

If I have questions on the national byways program, whom should I contact?

Layne Patton
Federal Highway Administration, Arizona Division
4000 N. Central Ave.
Suite 1500
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: 602.382.8974
Fax: 602.382.8998

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