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Our number one priority is safety. Our vision is to become the most reliable transportation system in the nation. That means safety to us at ADOT.

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I-10 and L-101 improvements
It's not often in life that you get immediate results. A lot of things worth doing take time and patience to bear any fruit...
Incident Response Unit
ADOT has created new teams to better respond to the scene of highway crashes.
Speed limit decals on SR 347
Those driving along State Route 347 between Interstate 10 and Riggs Road will see large white decals being tested on the pavement.
Estrella Roundabout
ADOT Director John Halikowski takes a look back at the agency's 2018 accomplishments.
John Halikowski learning at the vehicle maintenance shop
ADOT Director John Halikowski gets his hands dirty in the vehicle shop in the newest episode of Direct Connect.


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Port of Entry Systems Improvements