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A-1 Mountain Bridge
They say it’s a good idea not to burn your bridges and we're inclined to agree. But if they're going to be replaced with a brand-spanking new bridge, then why not?
Gila River Bridge
When ADOT builds a new bridge, our top priority is to make sure the gigantic mass of steel and concrete stays right where we...
Semi-truck on freeway
ADOT is taking action to alleviate stress on commercial truck drivers and help address the nationwide supply chain crisis.
Rio de Flag bridge
If you haven't had a chance to drive over new Rio de Flag bridge, we have a preview of what you'll see once you do along with the work that went into making it happen.
A year ago we introduced AZMVDNow.gov to help you complete MVD services on the Internet. But what about ServiceArizona.com ? This is how the two work together to get you out of the MVD and onto the road.


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Reverse Diamond Stencil

First Accelerated Bridge Construction w/Prefabricated Bridge Elements in AZ

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