MVD office wait time information now available online

MVD wait time sign

MVD wait times are now available online.

When it comes to things people look forward to, we’re guessing that “waiting in line at the MVD” is nowhere near the top of the list.

While we can’t promise you a totally wait-free experience, we are happy to announce a new feature on the ADOT website to help you plan your next in-person visit.

MVD wait times now available online

You can visit our site to view approximate customer wait times at most of the state’s MVD offices.

The office hours and locations page of the Motor Vehicle Services section of shows the estimated number of customers waiting for driver license and title transactions, and the estimated wait time for these transactions.

Wait times are updated every five minutes and are measured from the time a customer receives a service ticket to the time the customer begins their transaction at a window.

An important thing to remember is that the online wait times are strictly estimates. They will vary depending on the daily volume of customers served at a given office, the number of available transaction windows and office staffing levels.

We know your time is valuable and hope this new feature will help make your next MVD office visit a smoother one!