A new website for the Arizona State Transportation Board

Screenshot - State Transportation Board website menu

Visit the new State Transportation Board website at aztransportationboard.gov.

Looking for information about the Arizona State Transportation Board?

You’re in luck, because a newly launched website is making it easier than ever to find meeting schedules, minutes, agendas, public hearing dates and more…

Public participation

The comprehensive site, not only gives visitors details about the board and upcoming meetings, it provides a convenient link to sign up for informational email notifications, too. You’ll also find how to participate at meetings, along with a phone number and email address that you can use to send questions and comments.

Visit aztransportationboard.gov and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

More about the board

The Arizona State Transportation Board is responsible for establishing a complete system of state highway route in Arizona. The board is granted policy powers by the Governor and serves in an advisory capacity to ADOT’s Director.

You might remember that we’ve blogged about the State Transportation Board before. We told you then how the board awards construction contracts, monitors the status of construction projects and has the exclusive authority to issue revenue bonds for transportation financing. The board’s members also are responsible for annually adopting the Five-Year Construction Program.