No new plates, but list of vehicles qualifying for the Energy Efficient Plate Program has been updated

We’ve got some news about the Energy Efficient Plate Program.

No, we’re not issuing more plates at this time (sorry!). The program is still closed because it has reached its 10,000 vehicle maximum.

However, as many of you might already know, customers with a prior qualifying vehicle that is currently registered with an Energy Efficient plate are allowed to continue using their plate until they sell the vehicle.

Those vehicle owners can also transfer their plate if they purchase another qualifying plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

And that’s what our news is all about…

The list of qualifying vehicles has expanded to include some 2016 models – see the updated list on our website.

That means if you have an older vehicle that previously qualified for the Energy Efficient Plate program and you’re looking to purchase a brand new car (lucky you!), you can transfer your Energy Efficient plate to the new qualifying plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and continue to have unrestricted access to the Valley’s HOV lanes!

If holding on to your Energy Efficient plate is really important to you (and we can understand why it would be), you are encouraged to check the list of qualifying vehicles before purchasing your next plug-in hybrid electric car. You can also enter your potential new vehicle VIN into ServiceArizona to determine if your vehicle qualifies.

If you’re buying from a dealership, you’ll want to make sure they know that you want your current Energy Efficient plate transferred to the new qualifying vehicle.

If you’ve purchased a new (or used) qualifying plug-in hybrid electric vehicle through a private sale, you’ll need to visit an MVD or Authorized Third Party office to transfer your Energy Efficient plate to your new qualifying vehicle.

Please note that ADOT will continue to update its list of eligible vehicles as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Eligible Low Emission and Energy-Efficient Vehicles list is updated with new model years and vehicles. You can find more information about the Energy Efficient Plate Program on our website.