ADOT MVD addresses technical problems with the redesigned license

It is important to check the information on the credential

PHOENIX — If anyone received a new driver license and it contains errors, there are some simple steps to take to get a corrected credential. The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division wants to advise customers who received a redesigned driver license that contains errors to return to any local area Motor Vehicle Division office, email ADOT, or call 602.255.0072 or 800.251.5866.

It is important for anyone receiving the redesigned credential issued after June 16 to verify all of the information contained on the card.

The ADOT Motor Vehicle Division values its customers and continuously strives to provide the best customer service. The agency apologizes for the inconvenience this issue has created for some customers.

On June 16, the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division implemented a new system for processing driver license and identification card applications. The new process provides many safeguards to prevent fraud and counterfeiting of the Arizona credential. The applicant no longer receives the permanent credential at the end of the application process. Instead, a temporary credential is issued. The latest technology has been employed into the production of the temporary and the permanent credential.

In the first week of the new central-issuance process, more than 45,000 credentials were issued.

The ADOT Motor Vehicle Division has taken several steps to identify the cause of the technical problem and to make immediate corrections. Once a customer contacts the agency either by phone or a visit to a local office to notify of an error with their driver license, a corrected, fee-free credential is immediately ordered and mailed. The replacement credential is expected to arrive within five business days from the date reordered.

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