Burnt Well rest area reopens to public after renovations completed

Ehrenberg to receive upgrades early next year

PHOENIX – The Burnt Well rest area along Interstate 10 west of Phoenix at milepost 86 near Tonopah has reopened to drivers today after receiving upgrades to the facilities and plumbing system, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Two rest areas along the stretch of I-10 between Phoenix and California have been renovated as part of a rest area rehabilitation program implemented by ADOT. They include Bouse Wash rest area located at milepost 52 approximately 30 miles east of Quartzsite, and the newly reopened Burnt Well rest area.

The Ehrenberg rest area, located near the California state line near milepost four, is the final rest area along this stretch of I-10 scheduled to undergo similar upgrades as Burnt Well and Bouse Wash. The project at Ehrenberg will begin early next year after the holiday season.

Renovations help revamp the water system, which is a key component of the rest area. Water is needed to operate the restroom facilities, the septic system and the drinking fountains as well as provide for the needs of the caretakers who live on site.

A map of all state highway rest areas is available at: azdot.gov/maps