Requesting public records? ADOT simplifies, speeds up process with new online request form

PHOENIX — If you’re seeking public records from the Arizona Department of Transportation, you can now save time, paper and postage by making your inquiry online.

ADOT launched a new online public records request process this week that eliminates the need for paper forms. Now, filing a request is as simple as completing and submitting a form online, available at Previously, those making a request often would need to wait to have a form sent by mail, then return the completed paperwork to ADOT.

The online system allows ADOT to begin researching and completing requests faster.

“Our new public records online request form streamlines the way ADOT does business and creates a more efficient process for the public to access information,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski. “This reflects Governor Ducey’s continued commitment to open government in Arizona.”

On ADOT’s website, visitors can find links to the form along with instructions, frequently asked questions and fees for copies. Once the request is completed, the requestor can schedule an on-site visit to review the documents or have copies made. Also, the person requesting documents can have them sent by mail.

Those without internet access can contact ADOT Safety and Risk Management by phone at 602.712.7327.