'Trailblazing' group keeps section of State Route 260 free of litter for more than a decade

Group originally formed to develop trail system in White Mountains area

PHOENIX — TRACKS is an organization that has left their mark in the White Mountains area by helping to develop a trail system that is now more than 180 miles long. Since 2001, TRACKS has left their mark along Arizona’s highways by participating in the Arizona Department of Transportation Adopt a Highway program.

TRACKS Adopt a Highway groupThe group formed in 1987 and has a reputation throughout the area for great community service. They clean up litter along their adopted section of State Route 260 near the city of Show Low.

The group often picks up typical roadside litter such as paper, plastic, Styrofoam and glass. As a fun incentive for picking up trash, the group awards the volunteer with the most unusual find the “Lucky Buck” award – a framed dollar bill that guarantees good luck to the winner.

Ruth Nelson with "Tire Wreath"At a cleanup last month, volunteer Ruth Nelson won the “Lucky Buck” award for finding a tire wreath. During that cleanup, the group, which has been recognized nationally for community service, picked up 15 bags of trash.

More than 125 members of this unique organization provide a resource for education, communication and social interaction designed to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor experience in the White Mountains. For more information regarding TRACKS, visit their site online at trackswhitemountains.org.

The Arizona Department of Transportation Adopt a Highway program has provided individuals, organizations and businesses the opportunity to remove litter from two-mile sections of the roadside within the Arizona State Highway System for 25 years. Over the past two decades, Adopt a Highway volunteers have provided a statewide labor benefit in the millions of dollars.

For more information on the Adopt a Highway program, please visit azdot.gov/business/programs-and-partnerships/adopt-highway.