AMS/Continuous Improvement Article Review

The links below are articles (news and blog) that have been tagged as Continuous Improvement Content.  This review  page was developed to assist in the location of  those CI articles that should also appear on the AMS pages under Safety, Money, or Time.

From the Blog

Aerial View: I-40 Meteor City Bridge
Not one, but two, innovative techniques are helping us save time and money as we rebuild the bridges on Interstate 40 at Meteor City.
Director FY 2018 accomplishment list
With fiscal year 2019 now behind us, ADOT Director John Halikowski talks about what the agency has crossed off it's to-do list.
Screenshot of ServiceArizona web site
For those who have their driver licenses suspended, we've made ordering a temporary ID card as easy as visiting
Estrella Roundabout
ADOT Director John Halikowski takes a look back at the agency's 2018 accomplishments.
John Halikowski learning at the vehicle maintenance shop
ADOT Director John Halikowski gets his hands dirty in the vehicle shop in the newest episode of Direct Connect.
Measuring a chuckwalla with a ruler
Director John Halikowski shares how the Arizona Department of Transportation collaborates with other agencies to improve service and save taxpayer dollars.
ECD Truck Inspection
Our International Border Inspection Qualification program has made a dramatic difference for truck drivers and trucking firms in Mexico, and for international commerce.
Director Halikowski takes a Gemba walk through a freeway pump station.
ADOT's director does a "gemba walk" at a freeway pump station.
ADOT Director John Halikowski spends a day learning about ADOT's Enforcement and Compliance Division as part of an effort to improve all aspects of the agency.
huddle board
A new website allows you to learn many of the improvements ADOT has made using the Arizona Management System.


In the News

PHOENIX – An Arizona Department of Transportation project replacing the Interstate 40 bridge at Meteor City Road is using innovative techniques that get the work done faster, limit inconvenience for motorists and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

The online Permit Test @ Home has proven to be a major hit for Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division customers, with 83,000 tests taken since the test officially went into operation in March 2018.

A major ADOT effort has dramatically reduced the agency's inactive projects balance, allowing ready-to-go projects to advance sooner.

A long stretch of Loop 303 is the latest to undergo an oil-based treatment to extend the life of the pavement on Valley freeways.

IBIQ program growth continues

In another example of the Arizona Management System producing results for taxpayers, the Arizona Department of Transportation recouped $6.6 million for damage to the state highway system during the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Wait times have been reduced dramatically at Motor Vehicle Division offices across Arizona thanks to improvements as complex as opening many offices an hour earlier and as simple as having a customer service representative make sure those in line have everything they need to complete their transactions.

MVD has unveiled the eTitle online service, which gives many customers the option to do this transaction on their computer, tablet or mobile device.

Opening Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division offices at 7:30 a.m. has proven to be a popular success at an additional 11 locations where expanded hours have improved overall customer service.

With approximately 150 state highway construction projects scheduled to start in any given year, Arizona Department of Transportation engineers constantly look for ways to save time and money in designing and building these much-needed improvements.