Fuel Tax - Report a Violator 

If you are aware of attempts to evade fuel taxes, such as by using red-dyed diesel on Arizona highways, report the information below or call the ADOT fuel tax fraud hotline at 877.AZFuels (877.293.8357).

Note: ADOT is not responsible for regulating the proper measurement (fuel volume) of motor fuels (gasoline, diesel, propane, etc) or for analyzing fuel octane levels. If you feel that a fuel pump is not dispensing the indicated volume of fuel, or that fuel fails to meet octane standards, you should contact the Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Division. Also note that the State of Arizona does not regulate the price of fuel.

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Please provide your contact information including an email address or phone number where ADOT staff can contact you for additional information or clarification. (Note: Although we will review information submitted anonymously, our inability to contact you for clarification may limit our ability to fully assess the information you provide.)

Please provide information regarding the individual you believe may be violating Arizona fuel tax laws:
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Please provide a detailed description of the activities that you believe are in violation. Include specific names, dates, times, locations, etc., whenever possible.*
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