511 Phone System
ROADS «1» Option

Information on specific ADOT roadways; "ROADS..." is a second-level menu option under the 511 phone system.

Dial 511 (from anywhere in Arizona)

From outside Arizona, dial 1-888-411-ROAD (7623) (toll-free).



Request information on specific ADOT roadway (like I-10), selected named roadways (like Papago), or Regional Reports (like East Valley)

Voice Recognition Mode - Primary Method

Simply say the name of the State Roadway (Interstate, Freeway, State rout, Highway, etc.) you're looking for.


  • Interstate 10 (I-10, 10)
  • State Rout 277 (SR-277, 277)

Some roads have been divided into Segments. For these roads, you'll be prompted to say the desired Segment number (1, 2, etc.)

You can also get a report for the entire roadway by saying, "full report."

Voice Recognition Mode - Alternate Method

An advanced key sequence method is available to obtain information for any road on our system.

The sequence begins with a « 1 » followed by the number of the road (ex: « 10 »), followed by the road segment number (if applicable) (ex: « 02 »), and concludes with the Pound Key (ex: « # »).


  • I-10, Segment 02: « 11002# »
  • SR-277 (no segments): « 1277# »

Touch Tone Mode - Primary Method

Enter the road number and, if requested, the segment number (used on longer roadways).


  • I-10: « 10 »
  • SR-277 « 277 »

Some roads have been divided into Segments. For these roads, you'll be prompted to enter the two-digit segment number (01, 02, etc.).

You can also get a report on the entire roadway by entering « 09 »

Touch Tone Mode - Alternate Method

For roads divided into Segments, you may enter the road number and Segment number in the same sequence if you know it.


  • I-10 Segment 2: « 1002 »
  • I-40 Segment 9 (full): « 4009 »

From the top-level menu, ROADS, you can return to the 511 Main Menu by saying "Main Menu" while in Voice Recognition Mode or by pressing the Pound Key « # » while in Touch Tone Mode