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Preparing to Bid: A Guide to Bidding on ADOT Projects

Bidding on ADOT and other public contracts can be complex. The following pages are intended to guide you through that process. However, each request for bid or proposal is unique with its own requirements. Be sure to thoroughly read the entire request for bid or proposal to identify what is needed to bid that specific project.

Construction Contracts

The process for bidding on construction work varies depending on the role your company intends to take in the contract. We have separated this guide to bidding on construction contracts into four sections based on four key roles in most construction contracts. Select the section that applies most often to your company:

Architectural and Engineering Design Contracts

ADOT architectural and engineering design contracts are awarded using a qualifications-based selection process, meaning that the initial process aims to select the best or most qualified firm for the job without considering hourly rates or the cost of the work.

The process for proposing on architectural and engineering design contracts varies depending on the role your firm intends to take on a project. We have separated this guide into two sections. Select the section that applies to you.

Goods and Services Contracts

Goods and services are solicited through AZ Procurement Portal. The Arizona Procurement Portal is used by all State agencies for bidding opportunities. To register visit the AZ Procurement PortalTo learn more, visit our Goods and Services guide to preparing to bid. 

In addition to goods and services contracts, ADOT Procurement group also solicits professional services and construction contracts for ADOT and Local Public Agencies. Some of these contracts are federally funded and have requirements for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) utilization.

See information on DBE requirements for federally funded contracts solicited by ADOT Procurement group:
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