Other Resources

Other Resources

Official FAQ on DBE Program Regulations —This document covers in detail many questions contractors tend to have about the DBE program. However, it was written for departments rather than for contractors, and can at times be very technical. It can be found on the US DOT website. 

ADOT Formal Complaint Procedures —When something happens that makes it necessary to file a complaint with ADOT, it is important to know how. Formal discrimination complaint procedures against contractors and consultants can be found on the ADOT website. 

ADOT Construction Manual —This manual contains guidance for resident engineers and project supervisors, and as such contains information on many of the things a prime contractor is required to submit to ADOT over the course of a project. You can find it in the engineering and construction section of the ADOT website.

IRS Small Business Tax Information —The IRS has several pages and resources designed to help clarify tax requirements, including

  • a small brochure designed for small businesses.
  • site dedicated to small businesses and the self-employed.

Trade Name Registration  This website provides information about how to register your company’s trade name, and why you might wish to do so. Learn more on the AZ Secretary of State’s website. 

Industrial Commission of Arizona — This is the governmental agency responsible for administering, regulating and enforcing state laws related to employee wellbeing. This includes, among other things, workers’ compensation, payment of wages and occupational health and safety. Their website contains resources for both employers and employees. Learn more on the Industrial Commission of Arizona website


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